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About Alexandra Karram

Renowned for her distinctive style, discriminating taste and penchant for pure opulence, Alexandra Karram is an interior designer and artist who always exceeds the expectations of her clients through ultra-contemporary designs in turn-key residences nationwide.

It did not take long for Karram’s love for design to burst into other facets of her life. From selling her own fashion designs door-to-door, to later remodeling her home and the homes of others, Karram quickly learned that both the style and substance of any design product was the core of its attraction.


A native of Manhattan, New York, Karram moved to South Florida while still in her teens to begin the next phase of her education. Karram studied interior design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, while single-handedly starting her own design firm in Boca Raton, Florida. Currently, as owner of Alexandra Karram Interiors, Inc. for the past thirty years, Alexandra has been charged with the complete design of some of the most prestigious projects and high-end clientele.


Alexandra Karram has become a notable force in the interior design industry and a well-observed artisan of her trade. She has designed furniture for many high-end interiors, both residential and commercial. She also has designed clothing and jewelry but has always been drawn to sculpture and in particular, working with stainless steel. The sensibility seen in her interior design is clearly reflected in the stainless steel sculptures and furniture that she creates.


Featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Florida Design Magazine, Inside Out Magazine, Palm Beach Illustrated, Florida International Magazine, Miami Herald Home & Design, Boca Raton Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and Home Builder and Remodeler, Karram’s work has made a name for itself among a widespread market of art and home design enthusiasts.

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